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Thread: Iexplorer runonce page

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    Angry Iexplorer runonce page

    Alright, I know that it shouldn't be allow to talk about IE on a security forum, but I need it at my work for dumb users.

    Anyways, what the hell is that RUNONCE page, that asks you to put the country and language??. Everytime I install a new security patch or any other damn thing for stuff M$ wrote wrong, I got the damn page. And it isn't fun if you get it on 100 computers.

    Any ideas???
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    Re: Iexplorer runonce page

    You must ask a Bill for your answer, but tell your people to work, not to visit a malicious hackers site, and inform yourself and visit some fresh updated security portals like
    Good luck !!!

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    I've found that every time IE is updated, that runonce page is set as the homepage for the first time, of which then it sets the home to To bypass this, and yes it's tedious, just go to Tools -> Options -> Use blank for the home page. That's all I can suggest to do because it WILL reset on an update.
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    Re: Vorlin

    Yep, just tried it and this is true.
    Whatever you tweak after an update it's back.

    You can also choose your country from the option and choose 'leave my options' and then it asks to set msn as homepage, answer no.

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    This may not work as its off the top of my *slightly* demented brain, but you could give it a try..

    Find a simple Javascript which sets the homepage..
    create a html document with this in it, pointing to the page you want.
    then create a batch file with the following in it

    start iexplore.exe <html doc>

    put them both on a floppy or network share....

    then when you upgrade, just run the batch file, and it will open a new IE window to that html doc and set the homepage for you..
    I think you will have to click Yes, but thats it....

    Hope that helps in some way or the other....
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    with NT & Win2k, put an entry into the host file


    so that resolves to (or wherever you want the home page 2 point)

    On a larger network you could set up an internal DNS server to do the same and then use either transparent proxys to pick it up or use DHCP to configure the networked machines.

    It's a kludgy workaround but it should work.


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    This used to bore me to tears, I now use a regnote call from the logon script to set the home page where it is required

    regedit /s \\{machine name}\NETLOGON\settings.reg

    This doesnt win you any awards with the users though, they sulk

    This can be put in the start run folder to set on startup for astand alone machine


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    The contents of the regnote should be


    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]

    "Start Page"=""


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