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Thread: Damn Mb

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    Red face Damn Mb

    I unpluged everything, Memory, CPU, cards, accept for video and i cant even get anything to display on my monitor!!!! damn it... i guess it is on to my 6th MB

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    Have you tried it with the processor and memory attached

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    Originally posted by oblio
    Have you tried it with the processor and memory attached
    Yes Triv..oblio is right! I didn't mean for you to take out the mem and the cpu.. Let me ask you this do you have the MB connected to the pc speaker? If not connect it. Put the cpu only back in...turn it on. Do you get any beep codes? You should get a memory error(beacuse it's not present) If you get a post beep code...put the mem back you get it now? If you do its bad memory . If you don't put the video card back in,connect the should get a "invalid boot disk" message...if so hook up the floppy and the hardrive and format that dawg.(fdisk it first if its new)

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    Make sure that all the Hardware is all compatible. And make sure

    1. Components are connected right.

    2. Power is getting to all components.

    3. Processor jumper settings are correct, as well as bus speeds etc...

    Make sure RAM is compatible e.g. PC100 or PC133.

    Just double check things.
    - Voodoo

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