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Thread: I have been hacked!

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    I have been hacked!

    Someone has hacked my icq. What should I do?

    I know this prolly sounds stupid, but this is my first time here.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: I have been hacked!

    What you mean hacked icq, you mean your UIN is hacked?

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    I think my computer has been hacked. Maybe thru icq. I installed zonealarm, but my computer is old and slow and it crashes it.

    But I did get a message that icq application exe was coming from another computer. I checked the ip and it is someone I know.

    What should I do?

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    Originally posted by TakenForaRide

    But I did get a message that icq application exe was coming from another computer. I checked the ip and it is someone I know.

    What should I do?

    There are numerous malicious things you could do. If the attacker's IP address is static than a DoS attack comes to mind....Obviously anything malicious may get you into a little trouble...If it's just your UIN that he's "hijacked" you can get heaps of script kiddie tools that will attempt to nuke, bomb and flood the ICQ program.

    The best thing you could probably do is just inform his ISP and ICQ of what has happened. That way your hands stay clean.

    Also, download the freeware program "Ants" and scan your OS for any trojans. Uninstall ZA and get Tiny....Good luck.

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    Ive heard that there are many exploits for icq. For instance if you send someone a file, they can see your ip address.
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    Re: ThePreacher

    In theory it's always possible to see someones IP when he/she makes a direct connection to you.

    So if you send a file to someone else this person will be able to see your IP unless you hide it.

    (For instance: I can see the IP numbers of the ppl that post things in the guestbook of my website.)

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    if u know him go to him and talk to him or beat him up i think that would help
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    Thanks for all your replies!

    Sorry I haven't been back sooner, but my computer crashed completely. It was held together with spit, bailing wire and duct tape! j/k! But it was seriously low on memory and I think that installing ZoneAlarm and then uninstalling it (if I did it right) and then installing Tiny overloaded it's poor little circuits. Or someone could have done something to my computer? I could not use Internet Explorer at all. I could not connect to the net.

    I think this person is stalking me on the net. I don't want to give too many details, 'cause if he is a hacker - it is quite possible he reads this board?

    I have another computer for right now. I have access to cable but can't get it installed on here tonight.

    What I really need to know is what can I do to protect myself from this guy in the future?

    And I am not very computer literate and need all the good advice I can get.


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    download a good firewall like blackice defender you can find it at and it works pretty good

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    Originally posted by TakenForaRide

    But I did get a message that icq application exe was coming from another computer. I checked the ip and it is someone I know.
    When you got that message were you recieving a file from your friend over icq? As mentioned in this thread before when recieving a file through applications like icq you establish a peer to peer connection with the person sending a file. What this means is that unlike when you send messages which go through the icq server your computer connects directly with the other person's. Could this have possibly triggered the warning on your firewall? As for the computer crashes/Explorer lock out etc could it be simply lack of memory on your own computer? Do they just refuse to work or are there any error messages first?

    Protecting your computer from attacks.....first got a good virus scanner like mcafee or norton and scan your computer for any trojan programs or such like virii then install a firewall, I use ZA myself on a very low end pc without 2 many probs....try freeing up some memory, uninstall uneeded progs or delete the junk that piles up on everyones HD's after a while. Then try it or tiny again. And don't forget the most important rule of computer security don't run anything unless you know what it is and who its from...and even then check it with an antivirus program and if possible check it with another - oh and always make system back-ups before installing anything so that if something screwy does happen you can return your computer to the point before you installed it.

    May seem a bit off overkill but a paranoid surfer is a safe surfer

    hope this helped

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