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Thread: I have been Port Scanned

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    I have been Port Scanned

    Hello all,
    My firewall just went off about 50 times! It was all from the same IP and it checked every port from 33473 to 33523. Were they trying to find trojans on my computer? Also what if they found an open port would they have full control of my computer?

    Thanks for the help,

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    Port scans are very common. I wouldn't worry about it too much, even a scan of that magnitude (which isn't that bad). I wouldn't be concerned unless it happens again.

    Were they scanning for trojans? I highly doubt it. When scanning for trojans, one typically scans for a specific one. No doubt they were scanning for vulnerabilities (duh), but it doesn't appear they were looking for openings created by a trojan.

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    Re: suzkaw

    If this happens several times from the same IP you should think to take action -> e-mail the attacker's ISP.

    it checked every port from 33473 to 33523
    I don't know trojans that use these ports by default. However, here are some trojans close to that number range
    port 33333 - Prosiak
    port 33911 - Spirit 2001a
    port 34324 - BigGluck, TN

    It was probably some vulnerabilities check. If your firewall droped the attempts you are still secure.

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    allright if u havent got a dial up connection and they do it again just do the same to him maybe he will back off
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