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Thread: Anyone Expert In Antionline ???

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    well typing with caps-lock is considered shouting, dun do that.. otherwise good luck
    Just ask something (what's not in the tutorials or in previous posts) and the AO community responds

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    Noble Hamlet
    Experts ina ny field are few and far between. People here are good and helpful so just ask and you shall recieve.

    Oh and oblio is uselss.

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    Originally posted by Noble Hamlet

    Oh and oblio is uselss.
    oblio is not useless..just a pain in the ass. Noble Hamlet is the one that is useless. Let the post above serve as a shining example of his contribution to this forum. He is a bitchy little girly man. Non of his posts have anything to with security or even computers. Just click on the little magnifying glass beside his will show you all his lame ass meanderings. EAT **** AND DIE NOBLE FAGGOT!

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