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    i want a free cyberage password but without paying.
    Is there a way?

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    Does anyone want to take this one? Negative?

    This site is not for cracking. If you want a password go try to break it your self or buy it.
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    Well... you want a password for Cyberage, eh? Start off by creating an account. Use that password. There ya go! Oh, what's that? You want it for free? Then go get someone else to by you an account, like for Christmas or something. Otherwise, shut the **** up, and slowly walk away.

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    *sigh* what is this world coming to. *sigh*

    thats all i have to say
    is a signature that important?

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    This is very similar to the RTCW chatrooms on GameSpy where people are always asking "Hey, can someone give me a key so I can play online?"...

    Bunch of freeloading fscknuts...
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    just make a fake account ...
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    I got the password for ya -

    it's *******

    or try ************

    and lastly try ****

    Sorry Rogue for taking your line!! HeHe!
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    nice1 uraloony hhehehe
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