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Thread: mail bomb

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    Angry mail bomb

    ok i think that this will be my first thread started here. any way, my best friend recently got mailbombed and im kinda pissed at whoever did it. what it boils down to is that i want him (legaly) kicked from his ISP. like by reporting him. but i cant findout who "he" is. i have tried just about everything i can think of to get thrugh and back track to him but its not getting anywhere but late nights for me. any help?

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    Talk to the ISP, local police, ect... They will be able to help you more than (I beleive) any of us can.
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    My suggestion

    My best suggestion for you is to tell your friend to ignore the bomb and fix up the problems that it causes apon his email. Then make his email alot less public and only give it to people he trust that way youll know if the attack is someone he most likely knows or just someone who saw his email somewhere and disagreed with a comment or opinion your friend had and decided to be a SK and attack it. Most SKs who mail bomb or do lame attacks have to brag about the attack to someone to make them feel 1337 so just wait around and sooner or later your friend will hear who did it.
    If you take my suggestion im pretty sure ur friend will be safe... If u decide to do otherwise i wish u luck in finding the SK but most likely you wont be able too. Most ISPs just dont give a hell about that sort of attack unless it hurts them. If your just one user thats had a personal problem with the user of thier ISP and you cant really do anything to make the ISPreally care.. then youll probly get no where and most likely the mail bomb came from a SMTP that was annonly used to do the attack. and most likely he connected to the SMTP with a proxy of some sort or a stolen ISP account.

    Good Luck
    - NetBioM

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    Send all headers to

    They will take care of the rest.
    If they trace the culprit he'll probably just get a warning but wo'nt get kicked off.
    If the person has a record at his/her isp then he will be in deeper ****.
    If the ISP is a free ISP then you can forget it.

    If the attacker is some kiddie who used Kaboom then they can definately trace him.
    If the person is a lot smarter and wrote/used a script to have a anonymous remailer take care of the delivery then things get harder since the ISP then needs a court order to force the anon remailer to cough up all logs.

    It's easy to know it there whas an anon remailer involved, did the person send more or less then 1000 mailbombs?
    more means no remailer (they can't handle such a load) or if there are more remailers involved (headers can easily tell you that) less then 1000 could be both.

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    you can also filter your email if its coming from a certain IP address.

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    you guys are responding to a thread made back in January.. what's the point ?
    I'm sure LoggOff doesn't need further help on this..

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