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Thread: Denial Of Service (DOS)

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    Denial Of Service (DOS)

    There are so many ways to make a computer no longer have online service for any amount of time. My biggest questions is how many of you can say in the last 2 months that you have not DOSed anyone or anything? I cannot go a week without some moron thinking he can attack me on any chat program (irc AIM ect.) and get away with it. I do not think DOS is elite in anyway cause anyone who is smart enough can pull off a GOOD DoS (oxymoron . I have done everything from DoS to DDoS and i will always leave myself able to do both incase needed. I have put a poll up to find if you guys think DoS should EVER be alright to use on a person or site. I have seen great sites be brought down to thier knees by 13 year old kids just to prove they could do it... that i dont agree with at all, but some morons just need the nice little kick in the hub.


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    AntiOnline Senior Member
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    No I don't think DDos or any forum of DoS is right in any situation. DoS is not legal in any situation and there are many legal ways to combat it. Call up your ISP and ask for help, talk to law enforcement officials, ect.

    People think they should combat it and take action and take the law into their own hands, but why do that when others can help and there is 0% chance of you getting in trouble?
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    I am anti-DoS.

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    Same goes for me..It's better to use legal ways to pull the plug on these attackers.
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    yes I've dos'ed

    within the last few years??-no...

    It was much easier to be a ***** when systems administration wasnt my career... Ever had to deal with the problems of haviing some script kiddie out there trying to bring your services down "for the hell of it". Not a fun situation to be in. So yes I am anti-Dos myself.

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    I'm anti-DoS, but I have conducted some DDoS prevention tests on my network here at work after-hours. I basically got our 30+ Windows workstations to try and DDoS my one linux box, and then fiddled with the rules to see how my response time would be if our network here were being DDoSed.

    Netfilter is pretty good with its rate limiting capabilities, and now I have rules that I'm comfortable will at least slow the traffic from a small DoS (30-50 machines). Rather unfortunately, there is no way to stop a DDoS once it is large enough.
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    As far as I'm concerned, DoS or DDoS is for skR1pT k1Dd13z who can't figure out how something really works. Maybe some have bettered themselves from just simple script running but I haven't met many that have. I've had to illegally break into a box just to secure it from the losers who broke into it first just because they got punished on a MUD (talk about lame). I then contacted the owner of the box (which I didn't even know where it existed physically) to let him know I had root and what I had done to secure his box. Morale of the story: using scripts to break into someone else's machine or take it down, I view as bad, although there are some who say "Well you did the same thing" but I consider that a 'gray hat hack' using evil to perform good.

    And the sad thing is, these kids doing these things aren't even running on their own dsl/cable lines. How pathetic is that?

    Pro knowledge, pro security, anti script-hacking/DoS
    We the willing, led by the unknowing, have been doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much with so little for so long that we are now qualified to do just about anything with almost nothing.

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    Are you kidding? Who cares if some young punk messes with you on irc. It used to happen to me a lot too, but then I stopped acting like a fool while on irc and trying to brag. I have never used a denial of service attack on anyone. You never know if you are attacking a good hacker or some young punk. You could one day face true retaliation when someone locks you out of your own computer or deletes your hard drive. Follow the golden rule and ignore the kiddies on irc.
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    DDoS and DoS is lame, even if the person deserves it.
    Only packet kiddies keep themselves busy doin it.
    Don't lower yourself to their level.

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    I am anti-dos...I am anti-anything that causes others grief. In extreme situations I DO retaliate against my tormenters but not with a lame Ddos attack. I have ....ummm ,other methods

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