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Thread: Hacking Threw Telnet

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    you dirtbag or something like that will help ya damn fool if u don't know where u talking about just say that you'r a beginner i do to but please don't do stupid and stuff allright?

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    I have no idea what the hell Killar_Boy has been smoking, or what kind of drug's he/she is on. But one thing is for sure, he/she has to be either stupid or he/she is playing us and trying to provoke some heated response.

    If he/she is for real, and is hacking "threw" telnet. I wish him luck in the near future, when he/she gets a nice pair of silver braclets from the feds.

    And I will be here on AO laughing by ass off. Either way, Killar_Boy, grow up [learn real computing, I mean there's a ton of stuff to learn, for example, AI, crypto, computational mathematics, finance, forensic computing, etc., or if you like, go to prison.]

    My two cents.

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    Stop it!

    For the love of all that is holy!!!! Please stop this insanity. Everybody needs to quit posting to bullshit threads like this. If they are ignored.....they will leave. You are doing nothing more than fuel the fire.....there is no understanding these people. And spell jokes (I'm just as special when it comes to that). He most likely read something about that pretty service we call telnet and wanted to see how much he could flame. Let's not turn this into some f* up version of yahoo chat or even worse....AOL chat forums. Personally, I think he is a moron and if I ever catch him IRL I would beat him to an inch of his life. But, life is unfair like that. Laterz



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    Re: Re: Hacking Threw Telnet

    Originally posted by Conf1rm3d_K1ll

    I "useually" (sic) hack "threw" Micro$oft Word. I once used Micro$oft Excel but all those graph lines gave me a headache...My friend is going to teach me how to hack "threw" Scandisk when I become a bit better...

    damn confirmed..are you the antichrist? ROTFLMAO

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    Red face

    Jaw drops to the floor.....ya know killa' telnet is a server . And we all have the client built into our little windows pc's. You should try exploiting *nix boxes. They have different rules so to speak. And to be perfectly honest with everyone here I am just getting started on *NIx security hacking. Seems like you wanna "hack" and your not really sure what that intells.Heres some advice while asking a "hacker"(gawd i said that waaay to many times in this post,) for pointers and advice, he/she probly isnt going to give you a straight answer. He might answer it with a question for you to run off and ponder about so you can figure it out for yourself. So that way if you can't answer that question and figure it out yourself no harm done. But if he answered your question str8 out it would probly be like giving a M16 to a 4 year old. Hackers do more reading than anything. Youwanna be a hacker? Start reading and retaining. Peace

    P>S> Any one with information on *nix security holes and ways to get a root password for telnet lemme know. I know there has to be a better way than brute force wordlists.
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    Originally posted by Killar_Boy
    Ok its not actually a program its a server the dosnt have to be loaded al it has to do is be in the computer for it to work!
    I could be wrong here (but I don't think I am), but if the program is not loaded, and is just sitting on the HDD, then it aint gonna do jack... unless the program is loaded, it cannot make changes to the system configuration to allow you on.. it will just sit on the HDD, biding its time till some silly person runs a program they recieved from someone with an interesting grasp on english....

    Conf1rm3d_K1ll: Nice one..
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    Ok dude, sorry but I've got to say this...

    Do you ever think of using spell check before posting?
    Mother of God, if I didn't program, I might not have been able to read half your posts. Hint: you're not going to be received very well if you come on here looking to hack, spelling badly, and insulting others trying overlook your shortcomings and helping.

    And yeah, I hack through telnet too...oh wait, that's the login prompt, my bad.
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    thoghiught this thread was about telnet how about irc thru telnet ftp smtp? theres lots to learn about telnet keep goin m8's

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    hmmm....hacking with elnet..i didn't know anyone who actually still did that...
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    boy killer

    looks like you got off on the wrong track. Killer its not to wise or kind to ask about how to hack things here, you see everyone needs to learn how to crawl before they can walk. Did your mom help drag you across the floor till you learn how to? So if you want to learn the ins and outs of So called hacking (script kiddie ****) pick up a book in the computer section and start reading. But if you have a real question on securing a computer or to that extent then ask away. telnet is not really considered hacking.

    Hope I help you understand the Idea put into this site and what it was ment for. Have a good day.

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