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Thread: bring netbios back

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    bring netbios back

    what happened was netbios was diabled everythin dealin with it was un ticked in win 98 but now i get failed to access nbt driver when i try nbtstat -A any help? do i need a network card for bios? i have undone all that i did and still get same message

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    What the heck are you talking about !?

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    It would help a lot if you typed complete sentenses; so we would know what you are trying to say. Please re-type your post and maybe i will better understand and help you. Thanks

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    sorry for the illegible text. i was drunk playing around between my two comps.i disabled netbios and was wondering how to bring it back this helped me thanks for not flming me too badly

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    If you want ti install netbios, you must go to Control Panel, click Network and click add , than chose Client for Microsoft Network.
    Of course you must have a CD of Windows in your Cd player..

    Visit if you want to be informed...

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