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Thread: Protection Devices

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    Protection Devices

    What basic protection devices would you people recomend for your computer? Besides just that what methods of protection would you also suggest?

    I use Zone Alarm, but is it really necesary to run it if you dont leave your computer on for that long of periods? What other things besides that should I look into, what about proxy's for privacy?

    What do you think?

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    its not necessary to lock you doors if your home most of the time but it is a good idea to do so, especially when you go out.

    if privacy is a concern of yours (it is mine), a proxy isn't a bad idea, as long as your sure the owners of the proxy arn't going to sell your info.
    You should get ad-aware to find and delete spyware and bugnosis to warn you of web-bugs. they're both freeware. SamSpade, another freeware product is also very handy to have.
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