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Thread: Students defends handling of AOL security flaw

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    Students defends handling of AOL security flaw

    A 19-year-old Utah college student says he revealed a security flaw in AOL's popular instant messaging service because when he tried to tell the media giant privately, he was ignored.
    The security flaw identified by the group, could allow a hacker to take control of computers through an advanced game-playing feature in certain versions of the AOL's Instant Messenger, or AIM...


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    Yay, Microsoft! Way to ignore/stifle/go after people who try to help you! Er ... wait, no I mean, AOL/Time-Warner/ALTER.NET/McDonald's/BurgerKing.

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    And so what's the news?

    Don't all of those fat bastards ignore everybody anyway?

    I'm surprised, relaly, I am...
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