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Thread: BSCV Insecure Default Installation Vulnerability

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    BSCV Insecure Default Installation Vulnerability

    BSCW (Basic Support for Cooperative Work) is a web-based groupware application, allowing users to share a workspace via a web interface. It runs on Microsoft Windows NT/2000 systems, as well as a number of Unix variants.
    The default installation allows users to self-register, potentially allowing untrusted users to access the service.

    This may provide a window of opportunity for an untrusted, malicious user to access the service to exploit known issues. One example of an existing issue that may be exploited as a result of untrusted users being able to self-register is BugTraq ID 3776 "BSCW Remote Command Execution Vulnerability".


    The self-registration interface can be accessed with the following example:


    Read if you want to be inform!

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    thanks for the link. I'm always looking for current computer related news.

    i keep getting a DNS error with your other link though...

    thanks again

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    Thanks again !!!

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    definately a righteously tasty link there KOB...


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