Yeah I was pretty messed up last night I was able to design a password authentification c++ code. I think I should share this for everyone to see. Well the story goes like this I got really drunk last night. I woke up and my cousin was at my computer, he said somthing about getting the computer infected with a virus, I started laughing and I said well how do you know he says I can't type anything at all. So I kicked him off and searched for new files, and modified files. I found this when I was searching. Take in mind when I get messed up I don't think right, well I try to gain perspectives on both sides.

any way here it is

#include <iostream.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include <string.h>

char* passwordEntry(int allowedSize)
const int size = 100;
if(allowedSize > size)
cout<<"Password size is to ****ing large. Change it to"
allowedSize = size;
char password[size];
cout<<"Ennter your password (it's safe).";
if(strlen(password) > allowedSize)
void main()
const int legalPasswordSize = 8;
char password[legalPasswordSize + 1];

catch(const char *pswd)
cout<<"Password is invalid"<<endl;
cout<<"Passwordis sored as this "<<password<<endl;

It really doesn't do to much I just thought I would post it for some reason.