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Thread: someone tried to sub7 me

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    someone tried to sub7 me

    if someone tries to sub7 me from how do i figure out who the hell that is

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    Well, first, do a whois on the ip and see what you can find out about it.

    If you need more in-depth info, PM me or e-mail me.

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    Well did thay actually plant the server in your system ? Or did they just try and you were too smart for a "Here's my pic...sexygirl.shs.exe"Ha...ah the good ol' days.Anyways i would get revenge that s what i would do anyways.Many a way to do that.....tell me what kinda info other than the ip do you have?
    Email, SN anything eles..?
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    do a whois and find out what u can about who it is. I would suggest not to "get revenge". Secure yourself and learn from mistakes. You never know who you are dealing with on the other side; so do not provoke a fight. Get a good firewall ZoneAlarm, BlackIce defender, Norton etc etc..

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    A query at

    returns the following. A program like NeoTrace might help you out more though. you can find a demo of that at...

    anyway, here is whois info on that IP address.

    Qwest Communications (NETBLK-QWEST-2BLKS)
    950 17th St. Suite 1900
    Denver, CO 80202

    Netname: QWEST-2BLKS
    Netblock: -
    Maintainer: QWDL

    Qwest, NOC (QN-ARIN)
    1-703-363-3001 (FAX) 1-703-363-3177

    Domain System inverse mapping provided by:



    Record last updated on 23-Aug-2000.
    Database last updated on 5-Jan-2002 19:55:21 EDT.

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