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Thread: linux settup question

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    linux settup question

    Hello everyone
    I am setting up linux mandrake 8.1 most is working fine but my soundcard is not detected. I have a PCI-soundblaster 128 and also a inbuildt card on the motherboard its a dell not sure of exact version.
    Linux is not detecting any soundcard.
    I am completly new to linux and would like to some info on links or tips on how to correct this and future screwups by my


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    OK, heres acouple things you can try:

    If you want to use your onboard sound system:
    First you need to go into BIOS and enable it,
    most boards are disabled by default.

    take note of the address settings or refer to the
    manual for your mother board.
    Or you can just use your SB128

    Boot back into linux and as root:
    this will bring up a nifty little hardware configuration
    In most case (according to Mandrake Docs) your
    soundcard should be detected.
    Some cards need some parameters as
    I/O, IRQ, BMA, DMA 16/2, MPU401 I/O.
    You just select them by clicking on the combo boxes.
    If it didn't auto detect your SB, check in the manual
    for your card or visit their web-site.
    Once you got the values set, Click on TEST.
    If its all good, click on OK

    there ya go, hope that helps you out
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    links is helpful!

    i guess howto's will help you!
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    protocool its the 3th time that i see you indicating this page don't u know any other?

    arv- look in any search engine Setting up Linux mandrake 8.1 u will find any answer to your questions
    linux installing tutorials its one thing that will always have on the net
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    for Code-X:

    well, im not starting flames for nothing. however, if you follow my page you'll get bunch of documentation. just for nothing, try this...

    and don't forget to click links it is under 80% operational but since then almost everybody here is using my links. so why don't you try and see for your self. btw, i am focusing through the http://www. because of the complete documentation and the man pages, faqs, everything being written in linux.

    but still, i was offended by what you point out. but since, it is okay at least i have tried to defend myself. no flames. and whatsoever.
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