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Thread: I hope to god this doesnt become a trend.

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    I hope to god this doesnt become a trend.

    I hope to god this doesnt become a trend like all the school shootings.


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    Arrow ?

    That's a hell of a way to commit suicide...

    But what I find more disturbing the the linking of any act that is potentially harmful to others without apparent cause being linked to terrorism and/or bin Laden. The kid was just like most other teenagers, but he actually DID kill himself, instead of just pondering it...and anyone in that state of mind can identify with anyone if it will personally justify their actions. Suicidal teens probably identified with Hitler at the time, too...but that doesn't make it a conspiracy.

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    Unhappy Re: Trend

    I hope that it dosen't become a trend either. How is it that these planes are allowed to be accessable without proper security? This kid obviously had some serious issues. They didn't go indepth as to what the note said. All they stated was that the kid supported bin laden.. What a sad, strange little man..


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    Oh ****! *hides his order form for a Boeing 747 and smiles* hehehehe..

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    Re: Re: Trend

    Originally posted by Remote_Access_
    How is it that these planes are allowed to be accessable without proper security?


    he had proper security, he was taking lessons. The FI walked away after telling the kid to do a pre-flight check.

    As far as guarding all the planes out there let me ask you a quesiton. When was the last time you went to a rural airport? Most of them don't even have manned towers, much less the money to pay for someone to be there and watch everyone all the time. There are litterally tens of thousands of those small rural airports out there, and that would cost WAY too much money... especially since it would probably come from the taxpayers pocket anyway


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    Well, I'm not sure how many of you know this, but I'm working on getting my PPL (private pilot license). I fly out of EKY (Bessemer Airport in Alabama). There is no tower there. Several rentable planes sit on the tarmac constantly. And get this... they keep the keys in the aircraft. If this sort of crap continues, I'm worried about what the FAA might do to the smaller airports like EKY. No way will I fly out of BHM (Birmingham International Airport, Birmingham, AL), that place is crazy. If they shut it down, there go my dreams of flying. If they limit access to it, I probably could get access, but some of my friends couldn't. And flying with friends makes it so much more fun. It scares me to think of all this stuff that's being blamed on lax airport security. Heck, there IS no security at EKY. You drive up the road, park in front of the FRO building, and walk right out onto the tarmac.

    And this kid wasted a perfectly good Cessna 172. What a moron.

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    no great loss.

    Though I think the parents should definitely be investigated, especially if they have other children.

    This kind of thing shouldnt happen with someone so young, unless they have been seriously mistreated.

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    Airports have tight security right now and are making passengers go nuts when undergoing security check. People who fly from Miami to Amsterdam have to spend hours being searched and questioned. Somehow some person will still manage to pull something off. First the guy with the xplosive shoe=failed attempt, now this brat with a cesna. All failed.

    By the way, did you kow that you won't find the most explosi... I mean EXCLUSIVE shoes in Italy but Amsterdam??

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    In terms of disaster-potential... The smaller planes are hardly as much of a risk as the larger passenger planes, because they have less mass, less fuel, less people on board, etc. Locking them all down over this would be overkill. In other words, comparatively speaking, only the big planes are really an issue in terms of either causing damage or being damaged. So let's concentrate on the big ones, eh? (Excepting the case of Bio/Chem/Nuke warfare, where the plane would be a delivery vehicle.)

    IcnNiSan: I think the article said he was an only child... It's in the very first paragraph Or were you referring to other cases like this? (Are there any?)

    I wonder if the whole Bin Laden thing was more of a way to be remembered and for posthumous attention, rather than true ideological beliefs.
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    I didnt really read it close enough to see if he was an only child or not.

    Regardless, the situation should be investigated. If there are no other children in the household, it just is not quite as imperative to have the investigation move quickly. If there were other children, well, you have to move fast in order to protect them, if in fact they actually need to be protected.

    I am not saying that the parents were definitely wrong in this case. It is always possible that the kid simply fell into the wrong crowd, or had a chemical imbalance which the parents were not capable of noticing(though when a kid does something like this, there are almost always some real signs that something is "not right" about the kid).

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