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Thread: How to block Sub 7 port scan's

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    How to block Sub 7 port scan's

    I have Blackice Firewall, I have been hit by Sub 7 port scan's about ten times last week, How can I block the Sub 7 and how to locate it in windoze 98 for deletion?


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    You can't block the scan, but you can block the penetration, which I'm sure your blackice is doing pretty well if it is up to date. As for deletion of Sub7, is a good search engine to find a program that deletes it.

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    Hmm, from what you said, I seem to get the impression that you think you're infected by Sub7. Just because someone is scanning your PC at the port where Sub7 is supposed to function doesn't mean that you ARE infected. Its just someone probing your PC to see whether you are or not. And since your'e running BlackIce, I don't see any problem at all. 'TheCleaner' is also a very good trojan removing tool. There should be some such tools under the Security Downloads sections right here at AO.

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    I suggest Norton's Personal Firewall intandem with the freeware version of Zone Alarm... of course, we are talking about personal use, NOT on a business network? In any event, for the home user the suggestion still stands, and also if I may suggest, keep your AV software up to date...

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