Two really good articals today

There is a new Trojen floating on the net and this time file sharing programs are the ones to blame, so the artical says.....

But Spyware has been around for those progs for a while and now it seems someone took it a step futher. Hhhhhmmmmmmm

What I do know is that some file sharing progs arn't good like Kazaa or morphious. Morphious because once you install and use the prog port 1214 becomes active and doesn't terminate even after you've done using it. Thus allows an attacker to telnet in the win box usualy without even a password.

Bear Share also uses Spyware. My personal best in WinMx. To me that actualy is a decent prog. No Spywaye yay

In other news a court judge has said its ok to violate someones privacy if they are suspected they are ingaged in illigal activity.

I'm not suprised.

Well I'm off to do the dishes Damn!