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Thread: Novell client restrictions

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    Unhappy Novell client restrictions

    okay here is my problem. At school we run windows 95 with a novell client. You need an accout which i have but the only problem is that i don't have a desktop, I download something when i try to install it it says, that i should contact my system administrator. Unfortunetely he won't give administrator, and the reason i download stuff at school is b.c its they T3 and its faster to download than at home. I'd like to any good site, or if you can tell me way to get administrator rights or just be able to take all the restriction off my computer at school. And also the Regedit is disabled so i cant do it through that. Thanx i hope someone can help me.

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    I know the problem since I administer a network with Novell Netware and Windows clients. Your administrator is using policys to restrict the clients, it can be a bit tricky to work around, but it's possible.

    All the help and info you need will be found at Novell Support search the knowledgebase to find your answer. U can ofcourse also use Google to find your answer.

    But remember that the administrator has a reason to use strict policys. I would recomend you to talk to the administrator before you'll do anything against the rules. And consider if it's worth the problem and the risk only because of a fast connection to the Internet?

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    Cool Novell v3.30

    At my school, we use Win98 with Novell v3.30. As one of the school's two tech gurus, I Have spent aconsiderable amount of time poking around for back doors,bugs,exploits, and passwords. I plan to give a list of these to our sys admin so she can fix them. My advice for you: Become friends with your sys admin, and closed doors will open when you snap you fingers. Provided that you can supply skill with technology and a willingness to help in return. brickwall

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    And... what's the problem? It lets you download, just not install. I mean, it's their computers, so they should be able to keep you from installing things.

    I'd give you an easy pointer to getting around the restrictions, as a sorta-power-user I just disable them even if I'm not going to go against them in order to make my job easier while using a computer, but I'm afraid the secret mysteries will allow people to install file sharing clients, instant messaging, games, and other annoying connection cloggage.

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