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Thread: Has the Netscape Servers been hi-jacked or is it Just me?

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    Exclamation Has the Netscape Servers been hi-jacked or is it Just me?

    Hi! I have just installed Netscape Communicator 4.79. Guess what? Whenever it starts Java, there are eror messages about the Signers of this Java Applet is not identiflied.

    Then I downloaded 4.78 (which was fine when it was new) form the Netscape Achieve, and same problem.

    I uninstalled Netscape and then tried reinstalling the Netscape Again. Same thing/Problem still exists!

    Has the Netscape servers been hi-jacked or is it just me?

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    too high

    Sounds like your security settings in the browser are too high. It seems to be checking the certificates for the applet, and not finding them...hmmm...

    Otherwise it may be a Windows thing if you are running it...goto Control Panel>Internet Properties(settings)>advanced tab, and take a look to see if Java is could also fine tune the certificate checking from there.

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    maybe it's just the setting configuration that bothers you. that's why java apps cannot do in your browser because of the bad configurations.
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