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Thread: Linux-NTFS Project

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    Linux-NTFS Project

    Linux has for a while supported Windows NTFS partitions but it has been a lack of modules supporting Windows Dynamic Disks and Windows XP NTFS partitions. I have found a project working with NTFS support for Linux, you can find more information and downloads here.

    For the moment am I working on a floppy dist with fat32 and ntfs support as a recover disk for 9x, NT, 2k, and XP systems.

    If someone else has links or information about Linux and NTFS support please post it here at AO or send me a private message :-).

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    Your idea of a 9X+NTFS rescue floppy is great. I personnaly made one, but this is running a Windows 98 boot disk + the NTFS for DOS pro from sysinternals =>

    If you need help/software concerning that W9X+NTFS boot disk, please PM me.

    Otherwise, I would be interested into the results you had with a Linux based floppy, so please follow this thread with results !!

    Thanks !

    Linoux c\'est de la bombe bébé !

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    I would be happy if someone has a suggestion about what kind of tools to include on a recovery disk for 9x/NT/2K/XP. Please include links to source or precompiled tools if there are any available.

    This will be a low priority project since there are several "alive" projects available already. I have not found any floppy dist with support for XP yet, but I guess it's only a matter of time.

    Thanks Hantiz for your nice words and support :-).

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