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    Reply count

    Could you please make the number of replies visible next to the "Thread Pages (42): [ 1 2 3 4 5 > >> ]" thing? Now it can be seen only at the AO main page or the forum main page.

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    Its a good idea i asked that a while back but i think that it got lost somewhere. It tedious to goto the thread then have to go all the way to the last page to see whats new. It would be quicker to go directly to the page you want.
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    good idea 01
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    Greetings all:

    The problem with that idea, is that some threads are >40 pages long. You can imagine how messy it would look to have 1-40 printed out in each forum.

    If you click on the "Go to first unread post" link at the top of each thread that has new posts since your last visit, it will take care of the problems that you mentioned below.

    Thanks for the suggestion though!

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