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Thread: how to I build a java chat applet?

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    how to I build a java chat applet?

    Ok here is my problem, I want to put a chatroom up on my website. I use as my webhosting and the only access I have to my server is ftp like all webhosting companys. I read the terms and service and there is no problem with it. But I'm not sure if I can still use a servlet java applet chat room since I only have ftp access. Could someone explain how I go about putting a java server applet, or a java chat room up on my website.

    Also if there are any good places to learn how to build and embed a java chat applet. Keep in mind I want to keep away from 3rd party usage. I'm looking for somthing like what AO uses but not exactly.

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    In theory..
    all you need to do is find a suitable applet (or write your own)
    then create the 'Chat' web page (this will refer to / load the applet)
    then upload the web page(s) and the applet class files to your server and try and chat via your browser.

    Of course it's a lot more complicated than that as you'll need some mechanism to store or buffer the chat (unless you want a Java irc client)

    Hope this helps as a starting point.


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