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Thread: How do we stop the trollish Noble Hamlet

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    How do we stop the trollish Noble Hamlet

    All the guy does is try to get a fight started. The only reason he comes here is to see how "The World's Longest Thread" is doing.And poeple keep posting to the thread. Then he makes threats about shooting poeple. Look at all of his past posts. Can you find a SINGLE one that is revalent to AO? Someone of repute has taken him under thier wing...I saw his light go from grey to green when he started that longest thread. Who is giving him greenpoints and why?

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    Why do you worry about it? The only effect this post could possibly have is to start a fight (probably with Noble Hamlet). Where does he threaten to shoot people? If you're going to post that argument, maybe you should add the link (no, I'm not calling you a liar). I can think of other members that don't post anything related to computers either. We don't worry about it, though. Why does it matter who's giving him green points and why? Everybody gets unnecessary green points. Then again, we all get unnecessary, red points, too. Most people don't find it necessary to argue with such points (especially the green ones). The best thing to do is to not worry about it. If the general population hates him, he will probably leave eventually. If the general population likes him, then your battle was lost from the start. Either way, it will all take care of itself.

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    #include <board.h>
    #include <rand.h>
    #include <junk.h>

    void main{
    Unsigned Int SomeValue;
    User Noble_Hamlet;
    User Remote_Access_;
    Situation FlameWar;

    SomeValue = Rand(0,100);
    Noble_Hamlet.PostValue = Remote_Access_.PostValue - SomeValue;

    FlameWar = "Sucks";
    [HvC]Terr: L33T Technical Proficiency

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    N0b1£ h@m1£± l@m£ @$$ þu$$y þ@nc@<£ m0±h£r fuc>£r

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    Ok stflook let me rephrase it. He said me and remote_access should be shot in any random

    And you had to be on IRC to know the reason for this thread.

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    Yea, I see how that would make you mad. That certainly is uncalled for and immature, among other (derogatory) things. As for the IRC thing, could you be so kind as to enlighten those of us who weren't on the channel at the time? Or is it a long story?

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    Originally posted by tiger team
    N0b1£ h@m1£± l@m£ @$$ þu$$y þ@nc@<£ m0±h£r fuc>£r
    Yeah, and who are you some L33t H4x0r? shut up script bitch.
    Anyway, I say let's put Noble Hamlet on ignore.
    But then again many couldn't do that with oblio so I doubt this could work.

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    ignore him/them.

    And do me a favor and stop the threads dedicated to these guys.
    Unless of course you like them.?.
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    Anti: I think it's better left untouched. Noble Hamlet's threads might pollute the boards, but it won't pollute anything you have to read if you just ignore his threads.
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    Lightbulb Antihaxor

    You know those buttons on people's post that say edit, email, www, search, etc.? There's another one that says Report.. try that one.. If we would all, includeing my self, just stop replying to these threads and/or just ignore him/her then may be he/she will go away..


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