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Thread: ICQ Remote buffer overflow vulnerability

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    Question ICQ Remote buffer overflow vulnerability

    This is very similar to the AIM overflow recently discovered. The details of this vulnerability will not be released until a further time (when a patch has been implemented, probably). ICQ2000 clients are vulnerable. ICQ2001 clients do not appear to be vulnerable under default setup conditions.

    Read more at if you want to be informed...

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    Amazing how AIM is compromised and following suit is ICQ? ICQ's gone downhill ever since the day AOL bought the rights from Mirabilis (or did they buy the company?). I just took it off totally from Trillian's startup list ( go there now!) because I'm tired of having 10+ posts a day from some girl who's "a college student with her friends who like to pose nude on their web cams" or some other related post...before, Mirabilis never gave out UIN lists for any reason. Now you can't go a day w/o getting handfuls of unwanted spam posts.

    As for IM clients, Trillian's the best! (shameless plug here)
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