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    Question Shutting down

    can anybody tell how I can make a batch file that will make my computer shut down?

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    It would help if you said what Operating System your running, but I'll assume its a Windows OS.

    If you go to this site, you will find the information you require.

    I found this with a quick search on
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    If you are using Windows, follow that link that Matty posted - it will walk you through setting up a .lnk file in Windows that will shutdown your machine simply by double-clicking the .lnk. I've done it before and it does work. It makes shutdown so simple. I was trying to find the site where I found the information at but I can't now - anyhow, looks like Matty found another just as good.
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    OS MS?
    C:\WINDOWS\RUNDLL32.EXE user,exitwindows

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    look at a post of mine

    Hey REdRaider2275

    I have posted some assembler code her on AO that does a reboot for you, if you are looking for that?
    search AO for: "some lame assembler prog"
    In the same thread are other codes for booting. Just compile them and you have the prog.

    Why do you need this? just use the normal Windows or Linux shutdown commands?

    Or are you unable to shutdown? stick in OS with an ATX power supply? Just hold the power On/Off button on your case for 4 sec. most power supply types will switch off when you do that.

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    Go to Ankit Faida's Hacking truths,
    he has good tutorials and also about how batch writing.

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