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Thread: The latest in the ongoing AMD Intel struggle

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    The latest in the ongoing AMD Intel struggle

    Here is a review of the latest CPUs from AMD and Intel. Benchmarks and stats are also available:

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    Smile ?opinion

    In your opinion, which processor would you chose and why?
    If I could afford it I'd take the Pentium 4... It's slightly faster but I read in an article that the difference is so small consumers wouldn't be able to tell the difference.


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    I prefer AMD. In my experience my AMD's always has out performed my Intels with the same proccessor speed. Amd's are cheaper but they have more power in my opinion. Thats only my opinion
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    Talking AMD

    I will have to say that I would take amd, the XP 2000 is doing a fine job keeping up with with the intel at a lower clock rate and half of the cost, If inel thinks that I would recommend a $1000 Cnd processor to someone they must be on some cheap smack.


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    I would chose AMD. Intel pent 4 is a great, fast processer. The only reason I would chose AMD is because INTEL and Microsoft are in "coewhots" (<- bad spelling) with each other and I hate microsoft personelly.

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    remote....I think AMD is the best $ value. Although the new benchmark marketing scheme they use reminds me of the old Cyrix days..remember how they sold chips as p180 and p200 when the actual clock speed was 120 and 150 resp.?

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    Thumbs up AMD all the way!


    Seriously, AMD's got a better product. Not missing shipping dates, not having floating point errors in high-end procs, lower cost, and they're not concentrating on the 2 ghz goal. They know that clock cycles is where the work's being done and they're trying to let people know that. Intel seems to think their name + image will sell and for diehard intel fans, that's fine. But if anyone thinks their intel machine will out-perform mine on every level, think again. I've got an Epox 8KHA w/ the AMD XP 1800+ w/ 512 mb PC2100 DDR ram and it screams like a demon..

    Give it a shot. AMD won't let you down. Intel's had the market for the longest time and they've been riding on their name.

    And what's up with Intel and their proprietary memory? RAMBUS my ass, talk about expensive and you *have* to use a motherboard that's made for it, with no other upgrade path, like SDRAM w/ DDR support or whatnot.
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    Question Hmmm...

    You all have very good and reasonable arguements.. I may get the new AMD but untill then I'm stuck with the factory default. (Intel) If I knew Intel and M$ were in "coewhots". I wouldn't have stated my previous opinion. Don't wery bout the speling. I cant spel ether.. thats probly the reson fer the spel cheker.



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    The difference between Cyrix and AMD though is that Cyrix wouldn't even tell you that their slow ass processor wasn't really a 200. AMD XP I think has made a greater approach to show, hey this is a 1266 even though its called an AMD 1500 XP.

    I could be a little off on that example because I am too lazy to look up the facts, that and I don't think they made an AMD 1500 XP.
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    If you don't want to take the time to read the article here is the conclusion of the whole matter:

    Nevertheless, in the performance tests, the results of both competitors were neck-on-neck, and in order to capture the nuances of the individual performances, we used a large set of different benchmark tests. In spite of Intel's 533 MHz advantage in clock speed we saw a rather close outcome.
    AMD still rules because of price.

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