If the only difference between having $ 2,000 and $2,000,000 in your savings account is a little magnetized spot on the banks hard drive or a pulse flying over the phone lines- electronic funds are quite an attractive target for flim flammery.

Thats just what happened when an innocent young California bank employee was tricked by her then-boyfriend. Will call them Bonnie and Tyrone.He said he wanted to play a joke on his buddy who worked in a New York bank. Unknown to Bonnie,Tyrone had previously opened an account at the bank in New York. He told her to type in a transfer order on a certain day, at a time, sending $2,000,000 to the New York account number. My buddy will really get a kick out of this!Heh,heh.

Bonnie did it, just as she was told. Tyrone was ready and waiting -withdrawing the $2,000,000 as soon as the electronic pulse flew across the phone lines and silently dropped the bonanza into his New York account.Bonnie never saw Tyrone again. The bank never saw the millions again, either. Tyrone, where are you? hahahahahahaahaha