This was in my email today from RedHat's Under-The-Brim auto-mailing. Not sure where it came from, website-wise, but it's good nonetheless!

A newly published IDC study reveals a significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for Linux on Intel architecture over RISC/UNIX environments. The study details costs for internet/intranet/extranet and collaborative workloads including procurement, installation, administration, support, and more.

(the TCO is 45-84% lower than RISC/UNIX)
That's quite a bit, I'd say. While you're not going to get the hardcore serious ass-kicking stability from the guys who've been doing it for years (Sun, HP, AIX), as a small business, you could dump 10k nto buying a HUGE AMD-driven (shameless plug for AMD) machine that has RAID abilities, multiple procs, multiple scsi drives, backup strategies, and so on, and still come out on top.

Right on!