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    ip address

    i'm a total newbie in this network security area and hope that some of you could clear a lot of my doubts and questions

    what i want to know is how does ones get the ip address of a particular computer on the net.. is it possible??

    also if somebody hacked a computer how would the person on that computer come to know about it at onece esp if he doesn't have a firewall??

    Thanks in advance.

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    to get the ip address of a computer on the internet is not only possible but very easy.

    open a dos prompt while connected to the net, and type
    "ping", or any other url you want to know the address of.

    as for someone knowing that the've been hacked without a firewall, they probobly wouldn't. unless the hacker is malicious or a joker. They might catch on when they get their phone bill and see aol has charged tons of porno sites to their account. if their observant they might notice too much disk activity when theyve been readint the same page for the past few minutes, but more than likely they wouldn't. firewalling is a must
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    I agree with Tedob1 on this one - it doesn't matter if you are a 56K dial up modem user to a home cable subscriber or a network administrator running a network of 200 PC's - you must have firewall protection in place, either by hardware or software (preferably hardware).

    Also, to get the IP of a computer on the net, you could again open a DOS prompt and type in tracert That will list the different hops a signal travels through to reach a given destination - it'll also tell you the IP address of that destination.
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    Thanks for the info

    you've mentioned sites like ao and yahoo to ping but what about simple pcs connected to net. how can you get their ip addr?

    another thing is the ip addr the only thing that differentiate pcs on the net or are their other things also?

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    to know the ip address ..u can use command netstat -n ,
    at the command prompt. if u want to know the port numbers then u can use command

    netstat -n -a at the command prompt . this will list all the ip address and ports connected to your computer.

    for more information go to sites like :-

    there u can find some good tutorials...

    hope this helps..


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