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Thread: Need help to learn Unix

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    Need help to learn Unix

    I'm a hands on person. I just can't read technical stuff and learn from it. I need to apply it to something. What I need is a free Unix emulation program. I think its called a unix terminal or shell. I can read and apply what I've read at the same time. Please provide some links where I can get these. Thanx.

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    You can get a free shell account at:

    Apart from that, you could always install a free version of Unix on your home computer.
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    Yes, getting a free shell account is rather simple, but you have to take into consideration that these accounts are very limited. You would be much better off installing it on you box. Try FreeBSD (my favorite). It is free and l33t. You can always dedicate a seprate partition or even another hard drive for your *NIX OS. It will be worth it.

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    The easy way to learn UNIX (if you want hands on) is to go to your nearest commiunty college and enroll in "intro to unix" probley cost you $80. It is well worth the money to learn in class.

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    Check out CYGWIN from Cygnus. That's exactly
    what it is, a unix emulator that runs on
    It has the GCC compiler, TCL/TK,
    lots of goodies.
    Sorry I don't have a link.
    Just put CYGWIN into your search engine.
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    if you would like a free shell I would say go to
    sign up, or even pay the small fee to use all services, but then again telnetting from a wintel box is slow.
    Start using a Linux Distro like SuSE.

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