Hey O

Everyone seems to hate you here, and u seem to love the attension but i must ask you a few questions so i may have a better understanding of why you waste your time here...

1) Age?
2) Girlfriend?
3) Ethnic background?
4) virgin?
5) homosexual?
6) abused at home?
7) schooling? (grades, college, ect)
8) place of housing?
9) OS?
10) Activitys you enjoy other then harrasing AO, or computers in general
11) Fav website? (not relating to porn)
12) siblings?age?sex?
13) homepage?
14) AOL screen? ICQ #? IRC nick channel server? MSN? ect..
15) ammount of anti-negative-points?
16) play counter strike? Diablo 2 LOD? any other Online games?
17) fav quote?
18) general info bout self i have not covered?
19) How many girlfriends or boyfriends have u had?
20) have sex with anything that wasnt considered beastality? (aka your mother)

All others that wish to answer these questions about thier own selfs please do leave responses here.. ;x

Later all