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Thread: Kimble on the run

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    Kimble on the run

    You all may have heard of Kim Schmitz, the German ex-hacker who financed Yihad and claimed to have tracked down several terrorist bank.

    Well Mr Schmitz left for South America fearing his creditors after RTL (german financial investigators) finished their research.

    This whas also posted on and whas translated from German site

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    Just wondering if any of our members that are fluent in german could possible translate the message left at I tried using a different translator but a computer is never as good as a human in this situation.

    Bad Translation
    - Stronzo

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    I wonder if Fluffy Bunny was an angry creditor?

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    Google's transilation. Not a very good one either...oh well.

    The Germany allergy. A Abschiedsgruß of Kim Schmitz a German Hightech Märchen (picture) is to end. The 500-Millionen-Mark-Mann (BZ) left Germany, because the star among the German young entrepreneurs (LH magazine) has Germany fullly. Because a superbrain (finances) and InterNet Tycoon (CNN) in Germany were made the Aufschneider, bag player and Betrüger (Telebörse), one its Pläne and visions zerstören wants. But a genius (Financial Times) always finds a Lösung. The best tape für German Resozialisierung (Theo Waigel) says: Bye, bye, Germany. To the parting the three hundredweight Großmaul (picture) erklärt, why Germany is not homeland: Because criminals threaten the life of a German Staatsbürgers and seize despite announcement the government authority only if one is entführt or dead. The criminal investigation department für "organized Kriminalität" in München rät to submerge. Thanks für the tip. Because a German journalist writes a Lügengeschichte and copy 100 journalists. Damage: 50 million. Repair impossible. Compensation in Germany a foreign word. Congratulation to the Telebörse. Because to a German Großsteuerzahler instead of respect only mockery and Hohn one brings. The thanks für prepared to take risks shank and commitment. Because a dynamic entrepreneur of German Behörden, officials and paragraphs is ständig braked and international Wettbewerbsfähigkeit thereby is made unmöglich. Because one is forced because of an obscure German paragraph forest to spend each year enormous sums für tax and law offices which none look through more have. Because one must wait several years, until one gets a rechtskräftiges judgement at a German court. Because one waits more über three years in Germany for the distribution of a patent. Because the German policy works destructively, Germany in Europe without reason the tail light in things economic growth is not. Because envy and disfavor in Germany no place für heroes leave. Because all direct and indirect taxes collected a load of more über 70% of the income represent and Germany its Bürger abzockt. Nächste week starts here the KIMPIRE. Legends May sleep, but they more never those. Kim "Kimble" Schmitz
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    I recieved a shitload of negative points for my above post. This antipoint thing is a load of crap. Yet JP keeps telling us that it works fine. Well excuse my french JP, but how the hell would you know? You hardly ever use the forums. True, this is YOUR site and you make the rules, but the antipoint thing is a load of **** and open to abuse. The only reason you think it isn't is beacuse you hardly use the forums. You've filled the space above your avtar with as many little green dots as you can! It's not fair to the rest of us that have to earn them and then have them taken away by some idiot...Sure, the antipoint system is fair.....IF YOU RUN THE SITE!!

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    Originally posted by Conf1rm3d_K1ll
    I recieved a shitload of negative points for my above post.

    I forgot to add another thing, you will be surprised at the amount of people that actually believe and support Kimble. The Chaos Computer Club has not only banned but stated that Kim Schmitz is a ****ing fraud. He dared take credit for Capn Crunch's bluebox, saying that it whas software (not even hardware) he created and lot's of more crap. And if the CCC says so, it's 100% true.

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    Kimble *might* not have intended it, but the whole way he exuded propaganda just pandered to the people who wanted to feel important by being part of a "big-badass-national-level-importance" group. (Which it wasn't, really.)

    It's similar to why I think AO should never have any sort of hacking-challenge hosted things. I wonder if/when we'll ever find out the true story about these 'bank findings' from the FBI...
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    I'm not a native german speaker, but I understand the language passivly. I tried to translate the text (which was harder than I thought :P ). The translation is not perfect, but I gave it my best. Things I couldn't translate or was unsure about are [square-bracketed]

    The Germany-allergy

    A greeting farewell from Kim Schmitz

    A german [highteck-fairytale] (according to "Bild") ] has ended. The 500.000.000 DM-Man [DeutchMark is the German currency] has left Germany, because the star of the new generation of entrepreneurs (according to LH Magazin) is fed up with Germany. Because a super-brain (according to Finanzen) and Internet Tycoon (CNN) in Germany is called an con man, swindler and fraud (according to Telebörse), they want to jam his ideas and visions. But a genius (Financial Times) always finds a solution. The best [Bespiel für duetsche Resozialisierung] (Theo Waigel) says: Bye bye, Germany. Saying Farewell, the three[Zenter]bigmouth (Bild) explains why Germany isn't a country to live in:

    Because while criminals threaten to kill a German citizen, the federal police won't interfere before one is killed or kidnapped. The bureau for "criminal investigation" in München recommends to submerge [hide undercover]. Thanks for the tip.

    Because a German journalist writes a story based on lies and 100 journalists [are notified] - Damage: 50 million. Repair impossible. Compensation in Germany a foreign word. Congratulation to the Telebörse.

    Because a German [GroSSsteuerzahler] gets mockery instead of respect. That's the 'thank you' you get for taking riscs and being committed.

    Because a dynamic German entrepreneur always is hold back by German officials, thus making execution of international law impossible [In Europe, there's an European Law, above the law of one country - imho, he's talking about that]

    Because one is forced because by an obscure German lawsystem to spend each year enormous sums on tax [while no-one knows where those fundings end up.]

    Because one must wait for years before judgement is called by a German court.

    Because a patent-request takes over three years to be honoured in Germany.

    Because German policy works destructively - Germany forms the taillight af economic growth in Europe for a reason.

    Because hatred and envy leave no space for heroes in Germany.

    Because direct and indirect taxes together take about 70% of the income and Germany thus robs its citizens.

    Next week the KIMPIRE starts here.
    Legends may sleep, but the never die.

    Kim "Kimble" Schmitz

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    Taschenspeiler = con man, swindler. Funny word, taschenspeiler.

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    "I'm leaving the country because it sucks, not because I owe some people $130,002.56!" [Made up figure.]

    The sheer hubris and prideful tone of it sum up my impressions on Kimble... <shrug> I mean "Legends may sleep, they never die" or "Kimpire -> Kimble Emprire"...

    That bit about being threatened by criminals sounds like he's talking about himself... Perhaps someone said "3y3 \/\/1|_|_ 0wnz0r J00!" and he's worked it into a serious death threat... Either that or he's scared of Fluffy Bunny. (That was seriously funny, that incident. Hoisted in his own petard.)

    Thanks for the Translation, Guus. Babelfish wasn't very helpful with it.
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