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Thread: snow crab?

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    This seems like a stipid enough thread for my first post. I thought this was a security site? Oh well.....

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    Cool RE Snowcrabs and Subjects For Security Sites

    My Dear Brethen! There is no such thing as a stupid a matter of fact, the only stupid post is the post NOT posted! But be that as it may! Of course the subject of snowcrabs may belong on a security site... have YOU ever tried breaking into a recalcitrant mollusk that was NOT in the bloody mood?! LOL... good lord!... sometimes upon cracking open the shell one may get squirted most humiliatingly in the eye!!!! LOL...

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    I only eat things that run off the table.
    Hackers are impervious. Resistant is futile.

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    good past time..!!!!..i can say...

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    hey evilseed! i havent seen you on here in awhile..well just saying hi...see you around

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    Talking Of Snow Crabs and Eating Things That Only Run Off the Table

    Brethren! Having been blessed with the fate of being born in BCE--- Before the "Chip" Era--- I find it amusing how our younger colleagues wrestle and debate such things! Ah, how I yearn for the days of "Big Blue", vacuum tubes, room-sized mainframes, and transistor radios! AND... when REAL geeks could down all types of mollusks without so much as a whimper!! Ah, my friends, it is a pity that the days of those lunch time daliances with hard-shelled, recalcitrant mollusks have been superseded with Skittles, Jolt, chewy granola bars, and rice cakes! Truly our younger colleagues have been cheated out of such simple, but most highly gratifying (!), of peek sensual experiences... (sigh)...

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    Talking Snow Crab and the World's Longest Thread Competition


    What say you to a friendly competition with Noble Hamlet and see if "snow crab" can take the title of the world's longest thread...hmmmmm????

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    Yeeeaaah budddy! Come on now heeaa! Gonna fetch me up one of those dem deir booby cakes

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    OH the Brains

    Gonna lick dem shits

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