I've noticed that a few of the Top 15 Antipoint earners have a bit of a grudge against people takeing their spot.

*cough Conf1rm3d_K1ll cough*

I shouldn't recieve negative points just for beating you for your place. How you recieved as many positive points as you have is beyond my reasoning. It appears that a few of you have a grudge against the majority of my post. No big deal. You may or may not agree with what I have to say but I think this rateing system would be much improved if people actually started giveing out points and not just the negative ones. I am curious as to why some of you disapprove of posting links from other sites. I know it's their information therefore I provide the link for users to know where I got the information. It could be because I recieve compliments on post such as those and for some reason it seems to irritate a few of you..

Why is that?

Is there something wrong with provideing USEFUL information instead of takeing up space with threads like "A day in the life of oblio", ignorant polls, and many many more threads like that. I at least make an attempt to help people when I can and provide AO with news and other information.. and yet I continue to recive flames, complaints, negative points, etc.