Hello tigger9265,

Sorry to post this here, but I had problems each time I tried to reply you the original post.

I read your post and understand what you are going through while chatting on Yahoo.com . I do not use the chat rooms, but I
chat on mIRC and somethings see alot of users host being spoofed and IP address being used by another user.

But in your case you are on Yahoo.com. It is a little easy to get a
user's ID or information from them on Yahoo.com. All the person
needs is some information about you such as where do you live,
how old you are and your date of birth. Put this all together and
with your ID they can easily try to get the Yahoo password verification program to give them your password and then sign on
to Yahoo as YOU.

I have done this for my friends just to check something for them
on Yahoo if they had problems connecting to the server or web page. All I needed was their Yahoo profile or Password and I was in with no problem.

Another thing I noticed about Yahoo, is when we post something
on a bulletin board it sometimes shows the user's IP or host address next to the user's post. It depends how the Modorator or you have your settings set up when posting and the bulletin board's settings on what will be seen and not seen by all users.

there are a few things you can do to prevent other users from seeing too much information about you while you serf on Yahoo.

First I would not fill the full profile for on true information about me
such as my real name and home address and phone number.These options in the profile manager are allowed to be left BLANK. my profile is set so that all you see about me is my ID,
how old I am and I ama MALE.

another thing to do is not have your profile to be posted in the members Directory. This gives other yahoo members and any
of Yahoo's other consumers and partners access to information about you. Yahoo also has help information on how to FIND a user.So if your listed in the Directory somewhere then anyone can find you.

Try changing your Yahoo password every few weeks or so as well
just in case someone is stealing your password.

Change your profile information from time to time as well.AS long as you remeber all your profiles and the information you should still be able to connect to Yahoo and your account with no problems ( err...that is if Yahoo does not goof up things for you)

Yahoo also allows you to create up to six different profiles and have siz different ID's. So this may be why some of the chatters
think this is YOU doing this yourself. Not much I think you can do about this .

For those that are harassing you or using your ID,try to get the user's ID on them and send it to the Yahoo spam and abuse community. See if the user post on any bulletin boards and see if you can get more information on them such as their IP address and E-Mail address ( even if it is a Yahoo address)

Wel I just wanted to throw ina few tips on your problem and hope that I have been of help. Feel free to contact me if you need
any other help with setting up Yahoo