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Thread: Port 139 (again)

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    Port 139 (again)

    Hey, I am new to this hacking and security stuff. I don't woant to hack people, I was just wondering if my file and print share is acessible from a browser or do you need a special program? Also, what firewall would be a good one to stop hackers?

    Thanks guys..............
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    I was just wondering if my file and print share is acessible from a browser or do you need a special program?
    Now I'm not too sure on this, but I think that to allow file and printer sharing through a browser, you need IIS (Internet Information Services - assuming your using Windows). I don't think it's installed by default, so you'll need to chuck in the CD and select it in Accessories somewhere.

    I wanted file sharing thru a browser as well on my PC and I found out I needed to install IIS, which I did, but then it still didn't work. In the end I realised that it was my ISP that prevented it due to their firewall.

    Also, what firewall would be a good one to stop hackers?
    Onto the firewall question now. Well, I've heard many great things about ZoneAlarm that I needed to get it myself, which I did about one week ago and find it really great. It blocks basically everything unless you tell it not to block it. Everything it blocks, it comes up with a pop-up msg telling you what has been blocked and the originating IP address (clicking 'more info' goes to their website with more details on what has happened).

    I thought my PC was safe with WinXP's built-in wrong I was.

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    Try ZoneAlarm if you need protection and don't know a lot about firewalls and how to configure them. ZoneAlarm is free.

    If you are into configuring things, and know what you are doing, get Tiny Personal Firewall. It is also free.

    Do not get Black Ice Defender, which is not free, and has had security holes in it.
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    if your really paranoid you can use both zonealarm(or Tiny) and black-ice together. This will supply ample amounts of protection and information on any would be attackers.

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    Re: Firewall

    Or you can use a hardware firewall...

    About port 139 (in Win9X/ME)... you don't need special progs to access...if you enabled file and printer sharing and the right protocols are binded to that (and you share your drive local) then you are sharing your whole HDD to the net.

    don't bind TCP/IP to the file sharing service from M$
    look at on how to bind / unbind / install protocols and services.

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    get sonicWALL excellent firewall! Zonealarm is good but it easy to bypass it... ALSO A GREAT WEB SITE TO GO TO IS HACKERWHACKER.COM AND DO A SCAN ON YOUR SYSTEM!

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    been a while since I thought about this kind of issue,


    If someone knows your IP address, they could open a dos prompt and type

    net use \\\nameofshare

    and have an open connection to your shares or printers(of course there might be a password/username they need to connect, but that is a different issue.)

    All someone needs to connect to your shares is a dos prompt. Unless you are behind a firewall, or are running a firewall on your machine.

    try out

    Tiny Personal Firewall at

    or Zone Alarm from

    good luck,


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    close netbios

    u can close ur computer netbios

    good luck

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    If you want to have file sharing through a browser, why not use an FTP server (I thought IIS came with one, but I'm not sure 'cause I use Apache on Windows as well as Linux for my http server and I don't use an FTP server on Windows for security reasons.)

    If, on the other hand, you don't want file sharing through ANY way at all, use a firewall such as Zone Alarm on High security settings (default for internet zone)... this should block access to ports 135,137-9 and 445... all of which have some role in Windows File & Printer Sharing (NetBIOS)
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    Smile Terminal Server

    I dont know what OS your running but if u get Windows2000 pro it comes with whats known as Terminal Server

    when you have Terminal Server active you can go to a browser and type in the terminal server address you set it and then u actualy see that computer in the browser and if u want u can full screen it so where your actualy USING that computer just using your screen...... i love that feature personaly

    I used to terminal server to a REALLY powerfull server my friend had, it was great cus i use that wonderfull machine and it didnt have to sit at my house

    I hope this helps

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