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Thread: Which Linux

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    Question Which Linux

    Hello everyone, this is my first post.
    Im currently a windows user (cries in shame), Ive heard good things about linux and was thinking of switching. However there are several versions of Linux available, and i was wondering which version the peoples of AO suggest


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    for beginners I'd suggest Red-Hat or SuSE...

    For more advanced... slackware
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    Red hat 7.2 or Mandrake 8.1 - I prefer Mandrake - try a few and see what you prefer. Debian and Slackware are not for beginners - they will put you off linux if you try those!

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    I was thinking about getting linux because I have heard really good things about it.

    I was thinking of learning phython (or python not sure on the spelling) as a starting computer language, instead of perl, because perl is really free form, several ways to do the same thing.

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    There is also Mandrake. SuSE and Mandrake are geared to be user-friendly. Red Hat is easy too, but not quite as easy as SuSE and Mandrake. I'm currently running SuSE 7.3 on my box, and it's working really good. I am noticing some issues, however. For instance, it doesn't support a parallel scanner. It also doesn't seem to like the SCSI interface too much. My burner is on SCSI, and the burner programs that come with it don't see the burner. It also doesn't mount at all some of the time.

    I also run Red Hat on a junker box. I used to run it on my main box, but it just didn't seem to cut it for a workstation. It makes a great web server OS, though. It's very stable on my junker box, but when I ran it on my main box, it had problems.

    Mandrake is probably the easiest of all the distributions, but I have also heard that it's not exactly the most stable. I ran it VERY briefly, and just wasn't too impressed. It's easy, but I'm out to learn Linux, not have it handed to me on a platter. It has a bit of a windows feel to it, with its default KDE interface. I tend to prefer Gnome, as it cuts the crap. Even though I don't like it too much, it is a good one for a beginner, especially if they're a slow learner.

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    Ok, I've got much more reason to cry in shame than CyKat, I'm running XP *hangs head* ...the indisgression of youth, what can I say? Anyway, it sucks and I'd like to get Linux. Mandrake 8.1 comes highly recommended by a friend, but I'm wondering if I'll be able to handle even that since I have virtually no experience working with code outside of Basic and HTML/Java script. I can edit existing code by process of eleimination w/o too much trouble, but here's the question... Do I need to learn a programming language to get Linux to do what I want it to? Help?

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    No, you don't have to know how to program to run Linux. In fact, you can be quite happy on Linux without knowing how to program. However, if you know C, you can edit the kernel, and tweak the OS however you wish.

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    Once installed, different LINUX distributions
    are virtually identical.
    I found my knowledge of DOS to be helpful
    in learning the linux command line interface.
    It's like dos on steroids.
    The GUI can be configured to resemble
    WINDOWS if you like.
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    thanks for all the responses.

    Im kinda clueless though, whats GUI?

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    GUI = Graphical User Interface.

    in other words, all the pretty collors you see on your screen and click on, etc..etc..

    Good luck with linux. I would go with Suse or Mandrake, or possibly RedHat for a first time user.

    There will be some frustrating moments in your first couple days, but it will get better. You will probably want to get a linux for dummies book or some other simple guide, just to get yourself familiar with the file structure, commands you would use in a shell, etc.. etc..

    Good Luck,


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