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Thread: Explorer.exe running background

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    Arrow Explorer.exe running background

    When I start Windows 98, and press "ctrl+alt+del" I always see "explorer" on the list. Is this normal?
    I looked at the startup directory and run the msconfig command and then starup tab, but either has no "explorer" listed.
    So why this "explorer" keeps on starting whenever I boot my PC.

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    Explorer is the standard shell that Windows uses.

    This is a normal 'program' that will ALWAYS be there. For it must be running at all times. No worries mate.

    [P.S. - CK...I got *this* explorer right this time ;p]
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    OK, feel better now

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    Hey Tyler, you can easly check if it is the standard explorer shell that is running at the background: close the application: if your windows crashes it was the shell.


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    Explorer.exe Running background

    To your Question about Explorer.exe running in the background

    Yes it' ssupose to be in the startup for it's the Executable program that helps run windows. Without it your computer crashes or will nto start.

    Here are two explorer names you may see sometimes

    Explorer <----Windows Explorer
    IExplorer <----- INternet Explorer

    If you see any other Explorer it's NOT Windows Explorer

    Example ---> Explore ( notice it has NO R at the end )

    ---> lexplore ( notice it's NOT a I but a L )

    and Finally let's make sure no phony Explorer will run on your comouter

    On your windows 98 desktop Click on the word START at the button of the screen ,
    (2) Click on the word RUN
    (3) in the UN command type---> msconfig
    (4) A box apprears with alot of windows Option on how Windows will load---> genereal config,sys,autoexect.bat,System.ini, win,.ni, startup.

    (5) Stay in the ---->Genereal options for now,
    (6) If the startup options are set to ---->Normal Startup, change
    this and click on ----> Selective startup

    (7)after you click on the options for Selective startup, Check any checks out of the boxes for the following...

    Proccess windstart.bat files( take the check out if this box
    Proccesss System.ini files ( Take the check out of this box)
    Proccess win.ini files ( Take the check out of this box)

    You are now ready to click to SAVE and reboot windows to save the changes.

    this helps stop to Load win.ini files and sysstem.ini files

    they are no longer really needed during startup of your computer and should not make windows crash or any other application crash either just because the ini files are not loaded during startup..

    hope this helped you with your problem

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    Just so you know where it comes from...

    In c:\windows\system.ini there is a line that says: "Shell=explorer.exe".

    (Some trojans put change it to:

    Actually, control-alt-del-ing explorer causes a shutdown box to pop up in 98. If you just wait, the system will think explorer is not responding, and will give you the usual Terminate or Cancel box. If you terminate, explorer should die and restart, but you'll lose the icons in your system tray (far bottom right). The programs running that had icons in the system tray will still be running, you just won't see the icons.
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    Originally posted by VictorKaum
    Hey Tyler, you can easly check if it is the standard explorer shell that is running at the background: close the application: if your windows crashes it was the shell.

    ROFL that's purely evil... also, if you get the "Shutdown/restart/log off/etc" menu, that's the shell.
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