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Thread: Everyone, plz be the judge of this!

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    Lightbulb Everyone, plz be the judge of this!

    Hi! I'm currenlty uploading 2 diffrent file that contains the same content onto my tripod webspace. Each of these files had used the same settings to become RAR files, and are about 22 MB each. However, when you extract these files later, you will find 2 files with a .1 MB diffrence. However, during the encoding process of these files, they had used the same settings, same brate, same everything, same source...etc. The source of these two files are the same and is a .mpeg file. Both files runs approx. at 500~510 kbps.

    These files are one of the edited (not by me) FFX video. The audio codec used were both WindowsMedia Audio 8 @ 128 kbps @ 48kHz. The only diffrence is the Video codec used. One of them used Windows Media Video 8 codec and the other one used MPEG 4 v1 codec.

    Please download and view them (using the same settings), and see which of these two files provides are better video quality?

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    New Update No.1! Help!

    Hey! Sorry for that huge delay. Currenlty, I'm splitting the files into sfx achieves so people won't need winrar to extract the files. Also, I'm splitting the files into about 3 MB each! Tripod isn't accepting these 22 MB files. Please wait...... I'll post the link up when it finally works!

    The first 22 MB files should have been splited into 8 files. It should be done uploading in 15 mins.

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    Good IDea..

    seperate the files or make them smaller and create a auto extract for the files would be much better.

    tripod does nto allow big file transfers.

    Can I ask ask WHY are the files named the same and have everything the same? I got lost in that comment you made.
    I am at lost to this part...

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