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Thread: Windows XP firewall

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    Windows XP firewall

    I just got Windows XP and the salesman told me it has a firewall. I have turned it on but I was wondering if it is any good or should I buy something like Blackice? Thanks for your help


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    I have WinXP as well and the firewall basically sits quietly and doesn't tell you anything that it is doing - assuming that it is actually doing something.

    I got ZoneAlarm and I think it's the one to get because it informs you about everything and whenever something happens, it pop-ups a window telling you exactly what has happened and what it all means. (however, if you don't like this info poping up, you can disable it).

    I would really recommend that you try it out -

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    This is the latest & all-mighty "What's the best firewall?" thread here in AO. Read all of the about 50 posts and follow all the links, and you'll know everything about firewalls.

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