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Thread: Can anyone actually hack?

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    I am a cracker
    I need someone to respond to this message who can actually hack and wont just bullshit at a company now w\big benefits for this help so dont bs!

    Good God what a moron!!!!

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    I think he is a wanabee hacker looking for friends because is other hacker friends thought he was stupid to. Why do you want to hack? like what do you get out of it fun? Take a hike back to the wanabee underground with you.


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    Angry no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Originally posted by ihsir
    yes i can hack..

    i've hacked a couple of trees.. small ones though..

    it's quite easy to hack. take an axe, if you have a chainsaw wow then, just get to the tree you want and start.

    happy hacking..
    don't cut down trees! you can get 2X as much paper from the same size area of hemp then from trees(plus u can plant more the same spot so the rain forest is still there)

    -Guerrilla Se7en

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    Thumbs down WTF?!

    let me get this right, u got a security job and don't know ****? plz tell me where at I hope u wasn't going to learn to 'hack' in a day coz I'v been researching, studing, hacking, ect... for about 4 years now and still don't consider my self a hacker, and damn sure don't think i could keep anythign secure.

    -Guerrilla Se7en

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    i think U don't have an experience with the customers.. thats why U tell such bull ****..

    better U go and have a nice sleep.

    a good programmer knows the value of his data..

    be ready. open UR eyes and look around. learn from experience. only new bie asks such silly questions

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