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Thread: Whats your level of education?

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    Post Whats your level of education?

    Here is a little post for fun:

    Post what degree you have or you which major you are curretly studying for:

    I will go first: I am a sophmore(in college) with a major in computer enginnering (I still suck at spelling though )

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    I'm studying Bachelor of Information Technology at uni. It's a 3 year course and I'm just getting into the 2nd year.

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    What they don\'t understand.
    When we don\'t understand, we turn to our assumptions.\"
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    I received a BS degree/MIS major from a university last year. May go back for graduate school in another year.
    - Maverick

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    i am in grade10 in a toronto high school. i am taking computer science course. and i am failing in english.

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    I am currently a sophomore studying for my Bachelors degree in Computer Science with a minor in Information Technology and Physics...

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    I'm mostly self-taught. I'm a junior in high school, where I'm rejected for being different. I couldn't figure out how I was different. With nothing better to do, I decided I might as well fit the part of the reject, and get into computers. Before too long, I realized that this was something that their feeble little minds couldn't comprehend if their worthless, miserable lives depended on it. Now, I finally have a way in which I can look down on them. I'm smarter than they are. I don't have to resort to hit-each-other-really-hard-for-the-fun-of-itball to be superior. Unlike them, I don't have to act all big and macho to be superior, and they know it. Now, I have a way in which I can get them back for making fun of me and making my life a living hell back in the days of middle school (and halfway through high school). When they ask me for computer help, I simply tell them "Be gone, feeble-minded person, for computers are not for somebody of your measly brain power. **** your cheerleader, and be satisfied, for it is where you belong." Of course, I've lost them before the end of the first sentence, and they have usually already begun to start groping somebody. I no longer give a flying **** about high school, because I see it as nothing more than a waste of my time. Memorize a bunch of mind-numbing facts so you can pass the standardized test and get a worthless piece of paper? Talk about futility. Memorized facts do not constitute knowledge. Standardized tests do not assess knowledge. They assess obedience, nothing more. The schools do nothing to stimulate the mind or the thought process, so I ignore them. When they start doing their job, I will pay attention. Until then, I'm failing 5 of 7 classes because I don't care anymore. Of course, it doesn't help that my chemistry teacher is also the cheerleading coach. I make it a priority to fail that class. She does nothing to teach chemistry. Instead, she spends the hour chatting with the cheerleaders, and lets the book do the teaching for her. She also helps her cheerleaders in any and every way they want, and blows off everybody else. One time, my friend asked a question about something he got wrong on a test, and she told him (in that snotty tone of voice) to figure it out, becasue he dared interrupt her chat session with her cheerleaders. She has also let cheerleaders get away with things that she has nailed other people to the wall for. You can also tell by the way she teaches that she knows nothing about chemistry. She never offers additional insight into the material, and she never strays at all from the textbook, no matter how ridiculous, meaningless, or even wrong the material is (yes, I have found false information in the book that she pushed as true). Also, if you look around her room, you'll see it's loaded with decorations around her desk....all them being cheerleader coach stuff. The only thing she has on her wall that pertains to chemistry is an incomplete periodic table. Basically, her coaching takes priority over her teaching. That's just plain wrong. I no longer care about high school. What I need to know, I teach myself, and I ended up miles and miles ahead of everybody else because of it. I have no respect at all for the students in my school. I wish I could get away from all of them. None of them understand what it's like. Even one of my friends doesn't understand, and lectures me constantly on what a "slacker" I am, and how I'm "going to go nowhere in life". I can't seem to get him to understand what it's like, and that he's only making my problem worse. I've tried, but he just doesn't seem to get it. I've even had the gun to my head (several times) over the **** I go through at school. Luckily, I couldn't bring myself to do it. I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to last. If I have to repeat a year, I'm going to snap. I won't wuss out, either. I'll pull the ****ing trigger. I'd rather die than spend an extra year in that vile hellhole. Not many days go by that I don't toy with the idea of ending it all. I have looked for other exits, but there are none. Death will be the only way out. I no longer fear it. It can't possibly be worse than my life.

    So I guess for my education, you can say that I'm going through bullshit school. After all, that's what it is, nothing more than thought control and bullshit.

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    I'm still in high school (I'm a junior) but I'm going to have an Advanced certificate in Programming (From a tech college) in a few months. I will be in computer engineering when I graduate
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    Talking me

    I'm in my second year of working on a computer science degree.

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    Ok, And I'm mechanical engineer, do u believe?
    But I love computers !!!

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    Lightbulb Re: Level of education

    I'm a freshman.. muh 1st year in college.
    I'm werking on my bachelor's degree in computer science. I'm takeing a test in May for a certificate from 0racle. I have a certificate in business core, high school diploma, and a certificate in computer fundamentals. I have a 4.0 GPA.. and I sux0r at spelling and english. I'm currently learning advanced HTML, DHTML, Flash 5, fireworks, dreamweaver,SQL, and java script. A bit of everything but I'm hopeing to become an 0racle DBA.. That way if I fux0r up 9i I'll be a millionare!


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