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Thread: Whats your level of education?

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    As they would as, Master of one is better than a master at none.
    Jacks of trades are better than no trades....whatever **** it is.

    Well, from my experience in life, sometimes it's not what you know and how much you know it, it's who you know that will get you through the door.

    Then there are times that it's not how much you know of something but how wide your experiences are at working in different fields.

    Well, I have a college degree in Computer Information Systems and a minor in security management. [that's what I think, since I never went back to pick up actual degree.]

    Where does this all lead to? No where!! Sometimes it doesn't matter whether or not you have a degree or not. A degree only says that you spent $$$ at some institution over x amount of years.

    Sometimes real knowledge does not come in the form of a degree or college eduation, it took me over five years to realize this. And I am sure many of AO members are too, they are self-taught, or they were taught outside the eductional institution, like I was in HS.

    I have to say that I've learned more **** in HS doing an internship than I ever would have in college. Expericence counts!

    From MsMittens: A lot of my computer knowledge is self-taught and self-broken (I have fried a few too many machines when trying the "let's see what this does.. oh look. blue flames! COOL!")

    Geeze, I've managed to *****edup my ultra1 box. Can anyone help? LOL.

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Vorlin
    stflook, I couldn't have put it any better...
    he did put it quite well really didnt he, its pretty much the same in the uk. the only thing is that i managed to stay same enough to get a couple of qualifications and get to college, where we get to pick what we wanna do. and now all the thick people have to do a little IT, and dont have a ****ing clue, and try to come to me moaning where i can gladly tell them where to go.

    Originally posted by Vorlin
    self-taught now for 14 years of computer knowledge,
    well you nearly described me as well but ive only had the chance to be going for a few years (deprived childhood

    Originally posted by Vorlin
    Amazing..computers is one area where image is nothing. Too bad they don't understand that concept.
    and image...... i really dont care about my image.
    There\'s no sense in being would never work anyway.

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    Yeah, although a lot of the 14 years of self-taught is me breaking it down proper and just doing the ****. Networking in HS consisted of running coax through the ceiling into cubicle/office drop-posts. Had no clue at the time what I was doing, but I worked through it when others gave up long before. Once it was done and working, it was a good thing to hear the office workers compliment. Or helping those out who really appreciate it and they try to do something for you (like the girls in the college dorm who had three busted computers and I fixed them...they went out and bought me a crate (that's right, crate!) of Diet Coke, right on!). Those people I remember and help out without second's the others that can kiss my ass because they just want someone to fix it for free so they don't have to take it anywhere where it costs 85 bucks an hour (roughly 290 pounds I think, for your rate).

    stflook had it pretty right, comes around now when you know something important like computers, where everyday life is touched by computerized somethings all the time. And for your comment about the thick people not having a ****ing clue, I'm with ya there too. It's self-gratifying to hear them boggle over the easiest thing that they made fun of you before when you were learning it. Haha motherfsckers, who's laughing now?

    And image means nothing. It's backing up what you can say you do. In unix administration, my last interview I had, the senior DBA said "I don't care what you say you can do, because that's not important. What's important is whether or not you back it up when something goes wrong." and I can't agree more. Bullsh*t tech people don't last long in the IT field, nor do those that rely on the buzzwords ("Yeah, I've got my DNS set up so that my DMZ is on the 'net and I got all the GNU tools installed" -- example).
    Image isn't important, especially when you're making the 'bones' (as KorpDeath would say, ROFL).
    We the willing, led by the unknowing, have been doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much with so little for so long that we are now qualified to do just about anything with almost nothing.

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    to stflook: HS dosnt matter, all those people that are *****s to us dont matter. move. get away and never look back.

    to the actual thread: ok went to HS for 9th, 9th and 10th grade. i did home 'schooling' for the first year but didnt do anything so i ended up failing, or more apropriatly not getting credit, so i did it again in public school. then after 10 grade i took my GED cause i had a better offer as a preschool teacher in slovakia. well it wasnt quite what i thought it would be so i quit for a better job (ha!). i joined the army. well after basic i basicly told everyone in my AIT that i quit and wanted to go home. after the typical army bullshit and 5 months of breaking justabout every rule in the book (AWOL, disrespecting and NCO, disrespecting an officer (full bird Kernal (whatever)) and tons of minor infractions and getting thretened with jail time they finally seperated me "for the good of the Army" ok now im living in scotland and going BACK to HS to get my 'Highers'. i think thats like a HS deploma++. but thats just me.

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    software engineer

    im a software engineer for

    i graduated high school last june

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    i'm a recent ee / dsp engineer (pe) and getting my first hand experience in networking and then going for an mba tired of looking trough bunch of 0's and 1's plus i'll bt the one managing the ee/ce peoples

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    I am currently in HS. I am on track to have my CCNA, Net+, A+, and a few other certs before I graduate though. I then plan on going to Technical school for a year and a half or so, to get the rest of my certs ( the rest of the main ones, MCSE, Novell, etc..), and then I want to get a decent job. From there, I would like to return to a major school @ the expense of my employer ( USC, melon, somewhere big) to get my PHD in Computer Science and Software Engineering (dual major). I also currently am proficient in 14 computer languages (namely c++, vb, perl).

    That's my current schedule

    Also, I design web pages and am in the process of trying to obtain a business license and some venture for an advanced online services network (brandOS\Media Group). That's going well, but I'm currently by myself on the project, so anything that has to do with that I'm having to work my a$$ off on.


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    i am goin 2 finish my 1st year in the hightschool , N*H there stell alot of education years 2 me

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    I don't have any degree because I'm still in high school!

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    I'm starting College this Fall at Arkansas State University. I plan on getting a bachelors degree in Computer Science, with a minor in Networking. After that I would like to continue on towards a Masters.

    Also I plan on becoming CCNA, CCNE, MCSE certified.

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