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Thread: Matrix Sequel Has Hacker Cred

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    Talking Matrix Sequel Has Hacker Cred

    The average American moviegoer taking in the Matrix Reloaded this weekend will likely be wowed by the elaborate action sequences and dazzling special effects. But hackers who've seen the blockbuster are crediting it with a more subtle cinematic milestone: it's the first major motion picture to accurately portray a hack.
    Trinitry actually uses Nmap

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    Yes she does. The only problem is that there is already a post about this. I have seen the movie and the movie is pretty ****in sweet a. Hope i didnt affend you in anyway. -Twisted-

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    This was also posted here a day or two again from this thread. Taken from this web site.

    Damn your fast snyper.

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    Yai iam pretty fast i read alot of the posts on here. So i usually get to most posts first. -Twisted-

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