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Thread: Whats your level of education?

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    heh- i'm majoring in Multimedia Arts and Sciences, with a concentration in Interactive Design (software astetics, basically). i want to get my MA and be a college professor... we'll see about that tho!
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    I finish my BSc (hons) degree on Friday - Cant wait

    Im doin a course called Applied Computer technology, so if there are any employers out there looking for the right candidate, give me a call...........................

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    Changing ...

    Good news, everyone: I opened up my e-mail on Friday and found the following:

    It is my pleasure to inform you of your acceptance into the Iowa
    State University Master of Science in Information Assurance degree
    program starting Fall 2003. You will be receiving a letter in the
    mail shortly confirming your admission.

    Congratulations on your admission into the Iowa State
    University InfAs! Please contact us if you have any questions or
    visit our Information Assurance website for newly admitted students
    at We look forward to meeting you in
    the fall.


    Ron Ackerman
    Director, Graduate Admissions
    College of Business
    So I'm off to get my graduate degree in Information Assurance (high-end computer & network security). It's pretty bad-ass when you look at the books involved in the course, and think, "geez - I would buy these for myself, anyway". 'Tis also a great thing to think that now, screwing around with networks WILL be your homework, as opposed to just standing in the way of it.

    Wish me luck!

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    My diploma will read The School of Hard Knocks.

    Earned my AS while in the Navy (7 years) and took the CLEP tests.

    Hoping to earn my BS math through the GRE exam and SUNY. I have to get my 15 year olds through colleg first.

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    Freshman in high school, i will have about all of my credits by my junior year, and take college classes (probably computer sciences or something) if i keep up my current pace.

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    Second Year College, on the "Cisco Track" Working on getting my CCNA, Taking an A+ course, and dabbling in C+, but it's kicking my ass!
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    I have two Associate degrees. One is in Health Information Technology and one in Computer Information Systems.

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    I have an AS in Medical Assisting Administration, certified and registered medical assistant and I'm currently working on my BS/MD in Biomedical Sciences/Psychology.

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    I am in between my third and fourth year of a Bachelor of Computer Science degree (we have our own faculty!) at the University of New Brunswick. I am taking the co-op degree to get some work experience. I have already completed 4 of my 6 4-month work terms. If you have a chance to take a co-op program take it! You make lots of money, and get some worthwhile experience.
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