I've finally decided to install OpenBSD on my system!
Just in case it's required, here's my system configuration:
AMD Athlon 1.1 gHz processor
A Riva TNT2 based video card
A Soltek 75 KAV board(Via chipset North Bridge-VIA KT-133A and SouthBridge-VIA VT82C686B) with onboard AC '97 sound.
A 20 GB IDE Hard Disk (Seagate) with three FAT32 partitions
(10GB+4GB+4GB) with me wanting to install OpenBSD on the last partition(E.
and Windows XP Professional as my OS.
I'm not a total newbie to installing unix based OS's, having used a bit of linux. However, I have got used to RedHat's cool grahpical install, thus I do have a few reservations in going with OpenBSD's text based install. But Linux has just got way too bloated for my taste, thus my choice of OpenBSD.

I have a few questions before I jump in:
1. I've decided to download OpenBSD from the net. Can the OpenBSD installer read a FAT32 Partition?

2. OpenBSD claims to have binary compatiblilty with Linux and FreeBSD. Is this compatiblity reliable? And does it mean that I can download a Linux or FreeBSD package and use it out of the box?

3. Does OpenBSD come with a default window manager for X? If not, will the FreeBSD port of KDE work on OpenBSD?

4. I've always installed Linux with Win9x. Are there any common pitfalls that I should know about before installing it as a dual boot with an NT based OS?

5. Does OpenBSD have any issues with booting from a partition that is >1024th cylinder. If so, could anyone suggest a workaround?

I would really appreciate any and all answers to my questions, as I would love to use OpenBSD on my system.

Thanx in Advance,