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Thread: Games Gurus, I need help

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    Question Games Gurus, I need help

    I need some help, HOW CAN I PLAY, SONY PLAYSTATION 1&2 GAMES ON PC? , I reed in a magazine a long time ago, that can be done! but HOW ......

    THANKS ....


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    i think what your looking for is an emulator. here's a quick link to start your search

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    There is an emulation program called "Bleem" for use with PSone games. I don't know if it's still out there, though, as the company that made it went out of business in November.
    As far as PS2 games, I have no idea...

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    You could try to start off with. Some emulators are free, some you pay for ..
    The legal position over this type of software is somewhat confused, but the general opinion would seem to be that it is perfectly legal as long as you own a copy of the original CD/cartridge/ROM etc. If you don't then you may well be breaking the law.
    Some companies have specifically made some of their old ROMs freely available (for arcade games from 15-20 years ago). Doesn't apply to Sony, who don't like this sort of thing, which is why Bleem went out of business.

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    For PSX: Bleem works well, but I think it's only for the actual cd. No ROM's..
    For PS2: Nothing is out yet, at least as far as I know. Plus you may need a DVD drive to read the cd's, depends on what type of cd's Sony used.
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