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    mcaffee firewall

    i installed mcaffee firewall on my comp but when i try to start the firewall i get an error that says "mcaffe firewall has encountered an error starting firewall" i have tried uninstalling then reinstalling but i got the same results. then i tried installing and updating to the newest version( the download and install work fine) but i get the same error message when i run the firewall. ive even tried to test and repair the file but winrar says nothing is wrong with it. this is the only firewall that has ever given me trouble. my question is does anyone know of a way to fix this so that the firewall will run? am i the only one who is having such a tough time with mcaffee? oh and i have tried both the retail version bout on a seperate cd from my virus scanner and also the version that comes with the full version virus scanner, neither has worked. Any suggestions besides giving up on mcaffee?

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    Well if you could say what the error was it would be helpfull, but if it didn't saywhat it was then this is what I can guess. If you are running Windows ME and up there's a system restore option under your system settings. I tried to install a program and it kept saying that i didn't reboot my computer because the registry kept reseting itself to include the key that was supposed to have been deleted. I turned off the option and it worked fine afterwards. I don't know for sure though, I've never worked with McAffee's firewall.
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    Lightbulb Ihope this helps.

    Well since no one can figure it out here is i would say a better firewall is so download it

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    If its windows ME then theres the problem. There are compatibility problems between Macfee and windows ME.

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